A Disruptive Innovation Model

At InnoLab we use a simple framework to guide you through the 3 stages of the disruptive innovation process:

Origination of new ideas, often by building on prior research, past innovations and industry knowledge. This stage driven by an aim to solve a problem at a national or international scale.

Development, trialing, testing, refining and iterating of ideas to address a specific problem or need. Involve applying knowledge to improve existing products and services, or to create completely new products and services.

Identification and selection of knowledge, skills and technology required for idea development. Exchange knowledge, practical application, idea selection, digital transformation, data sharing, acquisition, technology transfer, adoption, partnerships, networks, cooperation, collaboration, joint ventures, and implementation.


The InnoGarage is a part-time program for earlier stage founders. The program comprises 10 workshops centred around problem discovery and idea validation. The InnoGarage helps early-stage founders pressure test their idea – speeding up their discovery of first customers and pathway to product-market fit.

Over 10 weeks the InnoGarage will support you with evening workshops that include expert speakers, founder stories, and group activities to challenge and inspire you. Starting with a focus on idea validation and defining your value proposition, we guide you through the process of defining your target customer. The InnoGarage aims to give you clarity and guidance to help you make the decisions that increase the probability of your success.

In 2021, we are running one InnoGarage with the support of the Town of Victoria Park. Our first program for the year will begin in October and will be delivered entirely online. With the flexibility of virtual programs, you can now be part of the InnoLab founder community from anywhere in Australia.

The program costs $500 per founder. To be eligible for the InnoGarage program, you must be located in Western Australia and intend to register and start your company in the Town of Victoria Park.